A chocolate virgin……well almost

This morning I had chocolate for breakfast. ‘Big deal’ you might sigh but, for me, it was rather momentous. After giving up chocolate for lent 8 years ago, when treating myself to a well earned piece 40 days later, I was shocked to find I didn’t much like it. It was sweet and sugary with such a pathetic cocoa content that it was arguably even legally approved of the title of ‘chocolate’. So, I stopped eating it. To the dismay of a close friend, who simply could not grasp the concept, a popular phase among conversations sadly become ‘Jessie doesn’t eat chocolate!!!!!!’. She’s only just stopped offering a bite of her cake or a harmless minstrel so I am cheekily afraid to say that her efforts are now wasted.

However, to contradict this, there is one manufactured, popular and recognized chocolatey product I have been missing in my life……..Nutella. Just the pungent hazelnut aroma brings back fond memories of childhood holidays to France, buttery croissants and sunny beaches. So this morning I had my first chocolate for 8 years. And you it was delicious. I have however recently dabbled into the world of dark chocolate, with the likes of 100% bars where only a small square is enough. This I much prefer.

So to Holly and Rhi, my chocolate fanatics…..’Jessie eats chocolate!’…………Sometimes….