The secret’s out Nigella…..

I am proud to announce I helped on location for the shoot for this stunning cover! Whilst I wish I had been the make-up artist or stylist for the day, I did however help craft the spaghetti curtain…..I never thought I’d say that! In Nigella’s foxy, devilish and enticing eyes, you can probably (dream on) just make out the reflection of my non-curvaceous, blonde, oxymoron-self, watching with admiration in the background as the stereotyped photographer snaps away at her girlish poses. As she manipulated the locks of fresh spaghetti, mastered uneasily by myself and food stylist in the staggeringly warm studio, I couldn’t help but smile at my luck, and wonder whether Nigella would ever read my blog……..

To fill you in, over the summer I undertook the most amazing, inspiring and wonderful 3 week internship at ‘delicious’ food magazine. Working on the November and December issues I was indulged in the world that is food journalism and styling and after a long month of difficultly refraining (and rather terribly I might add) from spilling the Italian beans about this domestic goddess November cover, it has finally graced our supermarket shelves and the secret is out! It was a brilliant internship and a wonderful day and now I have the glossy, printed and eye catching reminder to pin on my wall! So what are you waiting for……… it!